About Us

Welcome to Fare To You!

Ever get home and decide to go out, change your mind and order pizza? Want to order wings for the big game, but do not have time to pick it up? It’s a Friday night and you want to eat out at your favorite place, but hate finding parking and waiting for a table? What if you could have your favorite restaurants in the comfort of your pajamas and couch? What if you could have your wings delivered before the game? What if you could avoid driving and uncomfortable waiting areas? Now you can do all of those things.

Carly and Michael started Fare To You with the focus of catering to the people of the greater Flagler County area. Carly hails from Louisiana where home-style cooking is a fan favorite. And with all the great restaurants in the area, Carly thought it would be an excellent idea to bring the fan favorites home to you! Michael is a Palm Coast native, who has returned to be closer to family. They also want to raise their family in this continually growing community with the same values that were instilled upon them through hard work and dedication.

Now having your favorites is just a few clicks (or a call) away. All you have to do is follow the steps outlined, click order (or call) and get your restaurant favorites delivered to your door. While you’re relaxing on your porch, doing work around the house or working on your next business venture, we’ll be your meal wheels. In less time than you think possible, we’ll pick up your food and have it at your door for just $3.99. Bring the restaurant home.

Cost of Delivery:

Charges are $3.99 for delivery. For each additional restaurant pick-up and delivery, there will be a $3.99 additional charge. For example, if you choose two items from two separate restaurants, your total delivery charge will be $7.98. Delivery over the toll bridge will add $2.00 for toll fee. Please note that delivery times may be extended for multiple restaurant pickup.