Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I order?

Click on the Restaurants page and follow the steps online or call us. Once you submit your order, we’ll do the rest. Keep your phone handy, in case we need to verify a few things.

2. How long does it take to get my food?

Typical food delivery time from clicking on order to your door is 45-55 minutes. Other factors can alter times, such as poor weather/driving conditions, busy restaurants and dinner-rush time orders. Please note that delivery times may be extended for multiple restaurant pick-up.

3. How much does it cost?

Charges are $5.00 for delivery. For each additional restaurant pick-up and delivery, there will be a $5.00 additional charge. For example, if you choose two items from two separate restaurants, your total delivery charge will be $10.00. Delivery over the toll bridge will add $2.00 for toll fee. Please note that delivery times may be extended for multiple restaurant pickup.

4. How can I pay?

Cash is the cheapest way, but we accept all major credit cards. Checks are not accepted.

5. How do we maintain food integrity?

We have our drivers waiting on the food rather than the food waiting for the driver. In the instance this does not occur, we can ask the kitchen to remake the order. We want your food ready to eat.

6. My receipt is slightly different than the website – why are you charging more?

Sometimes restaurants make alterations in their pricing before we can update our website. There may also be customizations requested on your order which are not accounted for in the original price. Want extra pickles, double cheeseburger or extra sides? Those are charges we don’t get until we pick up the food.

7. My order is completely incorrect, now what?

Call us quick! We and the restaurants work hard to maintain order accuracy, but to err is human. The sooner your call us, the sooner we can get it fixed.

8. Do utensils come with every order?

We do not provide utensils, so if the restaurant provides them, they will be there. If you ask for them, we’ll make sure they get to you!

9. Should I tip my driver?

Drivers only receive a fraction of the delivery fee. They work mostly on tips.

10. Where do you deliver?

For now, we deliver to the greater Palm Coast area. If you’re unsure, give us a buzz. We’ll let you know if we can get your favorites to you. We want to deliver everywhere in Flagler County, but having our drivers commute too far can lead to longer delivery times and questionable food quality. We’re working every to expand and meet our customers’ requests.

11. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy:

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